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Six popular recipes to try at home right now!

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Ready to discover other flavors and try new dishes? A great way to inspire yourself with worldwide cuisine is to ask your Ablo buddies to share their favorite traditional recipes. They can even show you how they make them and guide you through it by using the video feature. Here are some recipes we got from people on Ablo!

Now, let’s get creative and dive into some popular international recipes to spice up your menu! 🙌

Bandeja Paisa from Colombia sent by Juan Pablo 🥙

paisa de bandeja recipes
Paisa de bandeja from Colombia

Colombia might be world-famous for its coffee, but not everybody is familiar with its other national treasure called “paisa de bandeja”. When I asked my Colombian friends for some typical food, this was without a doubt the recipe I just had to try.

This delicacy literally means “Paisa plate”. “Paisa” means it originates from the Paisa region and “bandeja” means “plate” in Spanish. The ingredients are influenced by different cultures. The dish consists of a hearty mix of rice, ground beef, red beans, different kinds of sausages, fried egg, avocado... Just reading this got us drooling! 🤤 My Colombian friends told me they usually serve it on a big oval plate in extra large portions, so be prepared to have a siesta after this! 😴


Burgers in the USA sent by Michael 🍔

Burger in the USA

When you think of fast food, you think of burgers, right?

The basic recipe couldn’t be more simple: all you need is juicy ground beef, bread and some vegetables. Next to these main ingredients, burger fans on Ablo told me to add extra toppings like cheese, salad, tomato, bacon and pickles to get a bit more oomph! There are so many variations to the traditional recipe, like replacing beef with chicken or fish. There are even some vegan options. Oh, and don’t forget to add some crispy golden french fries as a side dish! 🍟

Today, burgers are available in fast food restaurants all over the world, but it’s so much tastier when you make one at home.


Couscous from Morocco sent by Otmane 🍲

When I asked my Moroccan friends about their traditional food, couscous was the first thing that came to their minds. These little pearls are made from crushed durum wheat semolina mixed with a little bit of water and then dried in the sun. Handmade couscous is steamed in a ‘couscousier’ until the couscous reaches its light and fluffy consistency. However, if you don’t have a couscous steamer, a bowl of hot water will do the trick.

Couscous is mostly served as a side dish with vegetables (carrots, potatoes and turnips) cooked in a spicy or mild broth or stew and topped with lamb meat or chicken. Morocco is famous for its spices, so experiment by adding cumin, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, brown sugar, paprika and cayenne pepper to make it even tastier! 🌶


Plov from Uzbekistan sent by Aбдyлaзиз (Abdulaziz)

Hopping from North Africa to Central Asia, I started talking to my Uzbekistani friend who explained how they’re particularly fond of lamb meat. It’s no wonder that their traditional dish, “plov,” consists of rice, onion, carrots and lamb meat. All the ingredients are simmered in layers in a traditional cast-iron “kazan” (a type of a pot). Probably you don’t have an original “kazan” lying around, but you can easily replace it with any cast-iron casserole dish.

There are some recipe variations where you also add chicken, dried fruit, nuts and spices to your taste. The one thing that always stays the same is that “plov” is always served in generous portions. This meal is perfect for sharing and enjoying with as many friends as possible! Mazali! 👌


Harira from Morocco sent by Omar

Harira from Morocco

This traditional Moroccan soup is a typical Ramadan dish. During Ramadan Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink from dawn to sunset. After a long day of fasting, the soup is perfect to get the stomach working for Iftar (the evening meal). The main ingredients are tomato, lentils and chickpeas together with lamb, chicken or beef, halal of course. First the meat is cooked, the vegetables are added and then water and tomato paste is added to transform it into a soup. My Moroccan friend told me it’s possible to even add rice or pasta to make it a full sized meal. After reading this I guess it’s not hard to believe Muslims crave for this dish after a full day of fasting.

Tiramisu from Italy sent by Giorgio 🍮

tiramisu recipes
Tiramisu from Italy

Our last suggestion is something for your sweet tooth. We hope you left some room for this Italian coffee-flavored delicacy! 😻

The name tiramisu literally comes from “tira mi su” and it means “pick me up” or “cheer me up.” And let me assure you, this creamy dessert made of ladyfingers, coffee, a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavored with cocoa, will take you straight up to heaven! Buonissimo! 😇

Ask your Italian amici on Ablo about this goody; they’ll be hyped to share how to make this yummy treat!


Ready, set, cook!

This list is just a small introduction to the world of popular dishes. So if you want to start exploring more recipes, download the Ablo app, put on your apron and ask your Ablo buddies to share their favorite recipes! Cooking together is definitely more fun, plus you can get some really useful tips. You’ll be surprised how even though every country has its national home runner, there are many variations of a similar recipe around the world. That is the beauty of the world kitchen, it reminds us how we are all the same but with different flavors and colors! 🌈

Enjoy your meals and share your favorite recipes with other Ablaneros! 🤗

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