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The future of travel: teleportation, flying cars, and virtual reality

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Do you ever wonder how we will travel in 20, 50 or even 200 years?

The future of travel is such an exciting concept. Will we invent teleportation? Maybe we’ll be able to fly like birds? Or we’ll travel by using virtual reality that enhances all our senses? 👾

We asked the Ablo community to share their theories about the future of travel and here are a couple of the most fascinating ideas.

Quantum what?

Teleportation. The idea of traveling from one place to another instantaneously just by stepping into a giant scanner tickles everyone’s imagination.

But how far are we from this invention? Austrian and Chinese scientists have succeeded in teleporting three-dimensional quantum states for the first time, so maybe our future will indeed look like Star Trek 🖖

Dude, where’s my (flying) car?

There is always something fascinating about the combination of cars and planes! A company called Terrafugia is making prototypes of flying cars, a hybrid between a small plane and a city car that is using solar energy as fuel. Easy to manage and lightweight, these planes/cars should be accessible to everyone 🛣

Robots at your service

Robots are becoming more and more popular, as they are being introduced into personal spaces and hospitality services. Can you imagine how hotels will change if all staff are made out of batteries and control panels? 🤖 You can check in easily, your room is adapted to your taste, body temperature and voice. You can also have a hologram that is your personal trainer! 🏃‍

If you’re curious what this robot hospitality world looks like, head off to Japan and visit the first ever robot staffed hotel!

Wanna take a ride in my pod?

skytran prototype
SkyTran prototype

Welcome to the future of city transportation!

Air monorail basically looks like an upside-down track with the fast-pacing pods. We found out how NASA are currently developing this model under the name SkyTran. Designed to move 240km per hour, SkyTran will carry passengers in personalized “pods” using magnetic levitation tracks and is designed to have the passenger capacity of a 6-lane highway. Wow! 😲 Goodbye traffic jams and pollution! 👋

Whole lotta Zeppelin

Zeppelin is a type of airship that grew popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Considering today we can use more durable materials, including carbon fiber, scientists are looking into ways to make zeppelins safer and less fragile. Weather-forecasting systems would let them steer clear of storms and help optimize the use of air currents, so these lightweight giants would take less travel time and generate less pollution.

Underwater experiences

Sleep in the sea of Maldives

Now, this is our idea of a dreamland.🔮 If you love being at the sea, sailing, swimming, or diving, you’ve probably imagined it would be an amazing experience to live underwater. Luckily, you don’t have to give up your voice like Ariel to cross to the other world, because there are already some out-of-this-world hotels and restaurants where you go and enjoy the view as you are part of the sea world.

Virtual visits

While we wait for the next big fascinating travel invention, already today we can travel without moving thanks to virtual reality! VR or AR (augmented reality) is a great tool for entertainment, like interactive online tours. Thanks to the advanced technology we can replicate movements and traveling experiences just by using the right VR equipment.

If you don’t have the equipment, you can still go on virtual tours online. From museum tours, famous landmarks, or natural wonders, we can’t decide where to go first!

P.S. If the virtual visits of places on Earth don’t excite you, you can always go to outer space and explore Mars, for example! 👨‍🚀

Until we invent teleportation...

Imagining the future of travel has soooo many possibilities that it’s impossible to put all your ideas in one article! However, until teleportation or flying cars become a reality for everyone (not only for Elon Musk 😬), we still have online technology that can help us connect with the world.

One of the ways to travel the world is by Ablo. Think of a perfect travel companion that introduces you to people from all over the world. You fly for free, there are no language barriers and you choose where you want to go!

We are strong believers that the best things about traveling are the people you meet on your journey. They bring you closer to the culture, language, music and food that ultimately make your trip a unique experience 🗺

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