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Top five perks of having friends all around the globe

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Imagine traveling to all corners of the world and making new friends worldwide just by using your phone. Imagine a world without language barriers...

Recognized by Google as the Best App of the year, Ablo connects people, initiates conversations and encourages them to learn about new cultures. Ablo takes you on a trip around the world and connects you with your new international friends. Don’t worry about not knowing their language. Ablo translates your chat messages and video calls simultaneously. Friendships are truly a blessing, but having international friends brings some extra benefits! Let’s have a look at...

The top five perks of having friends all around the globe:

1. 🙋‍♀️ You’ll learn about another culture first-hand.

Think about food, customs, holidays, fashion, religion, music - all the things that are unique to each country. Your friend from Turkey can show you how to make tasty baklava. Your Spanish friend can teach you how to dance flamenco. You can learn more about fado from your Portuguese friend and your friend from India can show you how to wear a sari.

Everyone is proud of their country, and we all want to share bits and pieces of our culture with our friends abroad. That's how we connect and learn more about each other.

Ask your friend to share their favorite recipes, traditional music, stories from history, religious customs, etc. Feed your curiosity. Expand your knowledge. Your friends will appreciate your interest in their country and culture.

2. 😇 You’ll have a greater sense of empathy.

Traveling opens the mind. By connecting with your international friends, you are basically always traveling even without hopping on a plane (hint: just launch your Ablo app)! Global awareness gained thanks to worldwide friendships helps you see things from a different perspective. You will discover there are some differences, but you’ll also realize we all share similar attitudes towards life and happiness 🌧🌦☀️🌈

Ablo encourages you to discover other people’s stories and celebrate your similarities as well as your differences. People are sometimes afraid of the unknown, but if you reach out and get to know others, you will become more understanding. Having friends abroad helps you avoid any prejudice regarding race, religion or gender ✌️

3. ✈️ The world is your home.

Thanks to your international friends, you will have a place to stay almost anywhere in the world. Visiting a country where your friend is from is like visiting your second home. Your perception of "home" will change as you will soon realize home is, indeed, where the heart is (and also, where a good couch is 😏).

Another advantage: when you go to visit your friends abroad, you don't have to worry about what to do because your friend will be your tour guide. You will meet their family, friends, discover their neighborhood, and check out the local attractions! 😎

4. 💬 Learning a new language is fun.

Learning a new language is always an enjoyable experience that gives you an advantage in many areas. It helps when traveling, but it's also a good practice for studying abroad. Speaking a foreign language gives you a new opportunity to express yourself, but also to connect more with your international buddy. Trust us, you'll have lots of fun trying to learn how to pronounce the words and guess their meaning. Just try to say "crown prince" in Croatian! 😬

5. 🌟 Friends for life.

True friendships will always find a way to grow, despite the longest distances. Often, when we see a friend after months of not seeing each other, we just continue where we "left off". The distance will make you both appreciate the time you spend together more. That’s priceless!

Yes, staying in touch with your international friends can be challenging. That's where Ablo saves the day. 🙌 Just launch the app, chat or have video calls with your buddies - no matter where they are!

If you get blue because your buddy is far away, try a simple exercise. Think of all the sweet moments with your friend and be thankful for meeting them and having them in your life. Send them a sweet message. Practice gratitude, and you'll be a happier person! 🙏

Ready to get out of your comfort zone?

Now that we’ve covered the top five benefits of having international friends, there is nothing more to do except to get out there and start making friends.

With Ablo, you can start immediately by downloading the app and “hopping on a plane” ✈️

Don't worry about travel expenses (yet)! First, we send you on a "virtual plane" anywhere around the globe. Then we connect you with your new buddy. The app automatically translates your text, so you can start chatting and get to know each other better.

Here are some conversation starters

Remember, having friends abroad brings many perks. Time to discover them yourself!

Ablo is free to download on both the App Store and Google Play. Bon voyage! 👋

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